About Us


How It All Started......

Growing up as a kid it was hard to find characters, toys and products that accurately resembled me and those that looked like me. Not only did they not resemble me, but they did not resemble the African American community and culture accurately, positively and beautifully. During Christmas, the Santa that the African American culture craved for was nowhere to be found. Instead, we settled for what was available to us, in family photos and on gift wraps. This has left a void in so many families and has made the Black Santa something of a fantasy that could never be found.

And Now the Fantasy is No Longer a Fantasy!!!!!

So, that child grew up and became an adult and that adult decided that Black Santa would no longer be a fantasy and instead OUR BLACK SANTA WILL BE OUR NEW AND TRUE REALITY.  He is here and he has arrived. That's right Black Santa is Real and he has Swag, and he represents the African American Community so beautifully!!! And his name is Ken, The Black Santa and he is OUR SANTA!!!  In an effort to show the beauty of Melanin, Mah Melanin will strive to create products that will reflect melanated individuals in a positive and beautiful light. 

Here is where the new and beautiful representation of melanated people will begin. So, get ready world, because we have arrived.