About Us

Mah Melanin is a brand that focuses on the inclusion of people of color. It is our goal to build positive self-esteem and self-love through the accurate representation of our characters. We are a small business that strives to make a difference in society. Our Santa is the only Santa that wears a gold chain. Our Santa and characters represent what modern characters would look like in the households of Melanated cultures. We have been recommended by Teddy Riley, Master P, Denise Boutte, and more.

Our brand focus on empowering others through mentoring young entrepreneurs and customers who are interested in opening their own businesses.

We believe that everyone has what it takes to turn a dream into a reality and we continuously work with new entrepreneurs to bring their dreams into fruition. We don't just sell products; we empower the world one person at a time.

Mah Melanin owns the copyrights of all characters. We are the winner of "Making it with Lowe's", as a result, our gift wrap is now sold seasonally on Lowe's Website. Our products are also sold on Walmart.com and Etsy. We are also the winners of the fast break for small business program, a collaboration between LegalZoom and the NBA and we have been highlighted on LegalZoom's platforms. We were also one of the finalist in QVC/HSN Big Find, this opportunity afforded us to pitch our products to QVC and the HSN. Mah Melanin is also a certified minority owned business.

Our Founder's story (HerStory) in her own words

Our Founder, Ardean is the oldest child in this photo

Growing up as a kid it was hard to find characters, toys and products that accurately resembled me and those that looked like me. Not only did they not resemble me, but they did not resemble the African American community and culture accurately, positively and beautifully. During Christmas, the Santa that the African American culture craved for was nowhere to be found. Instead, we settled for what was available to us, in family photos and on gift wraps. This has left a void in so many families and has made the Black Santa something of a fantasy that could never be found. As an 8 year old child, I knew that I wanted to do something impactful to change how people of color were being presented to world, however I had no idea on how I would do this.

A change is gonna come!!!!!

So, that child grew up and became an adult and that adult decided that characters that beautifully and accurately represent people of color would no longer be a fantasy and instead these types of esteem building characters would become our NEW AND TRUE REALITY.  We introduced the world to Mah Melanin with our very first character Ken, the Black Santa in 2020. As soon as we introduced him, the world fell in love with him, his signature gold chain and "S" shoes. We would like to sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your support and love. This journey is only beginning......